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Mila Kunis Jealous Of Demi Moore’s Body
06.09.2017 15:33

That is the promise in one of the week's fresh tabloids, which is hoping to pit Ashton Kutcher's recent wife contrary to his ex. Gossip Cop, nevertheless, has heard the facts.

An article in the most recent issue of this National Enquirer asserts Kunis fears her appearances do not compare with her husband's ex-wife, despite being 20 years younger than the celebrity. A supposed "source" tells the magazine, "Mila has ever been somewhat insecure about after in Demi's footsteps, but her entire body jealousy came to a head following the trailer for Demi's new movie Blind premiered. Demi looks totally astonishing... Mila was expiring."

"Ashton consistently praised Demi for how great she seems -- that disturbs Mila," adds to the socket's suspicious literary, who further asserts Kunis "worries she will not age and Demi." The "origin" continues, "Ashton needs a house filled with children, and Mila wants longer, also, but worries how a body will manage it... Hollywood is cutthroat because it's -- and now she must age in the shadow of Demi's perfection."

However, Gossip Cop looked to the tabloid's narrative of jealousy, and we are told there is no truth to some of it. A mutual pal of ours and Kunis exclusively guarantees us that the celebrity is not in competition with her husband's ex-wife, along with the claim otherwise is absolute "crap"

Needless to say, this would not the very first time Gossip Cop has needed to debunk a fake post enclosing the actress and her husband's first wife. We recently broken up the Enquirer's sister book, Star, after it printed a false cover story alleging Kunis and Kutcher were obtaining a divorce over rumors he'd cheated on Moore. This newest report is just as untrue. See More at mila kunis height


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